With a growing preference towards tall people in a world where the average height of most men and women leans towards the shorter side, it comes as no surprise that people are looking for supplements to boost their growth spurt and increase their height by as much as possible.

People are now looking for ways to grow taller and have a growth spurt so they can move beyond the average mark-up line to the tall category, shaking away the judgemental eyes of those who mock them for something that is out of their hands. This has led to an increase in research and experimentation with substances that can be used to boost height, resulting in supplements and medications to flood the market.

One supplement that has gained a lot of attention – for all the right reasons – ever since it has come out into the market is Shilajit Gold by Dabur. It is an ayurvedic formula that promotes overall health and wellness while also allowing the body the space to work and grow more than it would under other circumstances as it provides a person with extra energy and stamina to get through the day. 


Dabur Shilajit Gold is available in the form of capsules, the consumption of which leads to a boost in the energy levels and the treatment of any acquired weakness. The supplement helps the body by allowing it to recover from routine wear and tear as the blend of herbs used to formulate these capsules provide the body with more than enough energy to recover and go about the rest of the day.

Shilajit Gold Capsules acts as a health tonic and is known for the plethora of health benefits that it provides when consumed regularly over a period of time. 

One of the most significant reasons for the success of Dabur Shilajit Gold Capsules, other than the excellent formulation and results, is the brand name attached to it. Dabur. The company has been established in the Indian market for ayurvedic products for a very long time and has established credibility with the consumers. 

Though a lot of brands manufacture ayurvedic medicines, not all have been successful or have such a wide audience base and visibility. The products launched by Dabur have a wide audience and have come to be trusted due to the company’s transparency, along with ethical sourcing. 


The key ingredient in Dabur Shilajit Gold Capsule is shilajit, also known as mineral pitch. It is a sticky tar-like substance that is found primarily in the rocks of the Himalayas – it is sourced naturally from the gradual decomposition of plants over hundreds and thousands of years. 

Shilajit was initially sourced in India and Tibet, but can now be found in many other countries, as deposits develop on any mountain range that is high enough to provide the environmental condition it needs to grow.

Due to the prevalence of beneficial naturally sourced ingredients in medicines in India from the very beginning, it is no surprise that shilajit finds itself in the list of those that are used the most in ayurvedic remedies. 


  1. Shilajit: It is known to boost power, and increase muscle mass and strength
  2. Ashwagandha: It is known to help manage stress and anxiety, and boost brain strength
  3. Kesar: It is a potent antioxidant, is good for the heart, and protects the body against common ailments like cold and cough
  4. Swarna bhasma: It promotes optimal mental health and improves brain function, also provides a boost of energy to the body
  5. Safed Musli: It is used as a tonic for weakness and many illnesses that can hinder the optimal functioning of the body. It is also a powerful sex tonic, which can help women with fertility issues and men with virility. 

The ingredients used to formulate the ayurvedic concoction that becomes Dabur Shilajit Gold capsules are all-natural and ethically sourced. They cover a wide range of minerals and herbs that work together in harmony to ensure the body functions to its maximum capacity and is able to keep up with the stresses of life. Moreover, these ingredients do not have any side effects and help the body adapt to its newly found energy with prolonged use. 


The strength of the Shilajit Gold Capsule lies in its versatility, the supplement is capable of aiding the treatment of everything from a minor cough to major heart disease. While Dabur Shilajit Gold benefits the entire body and can be used as a part of daily routine to treat issues of persistent drowsiness and stress, it can be used for greater purposes. All the uses and benefits of these capsules are as follows:

  1. Promotes growth and development
  2. Helps improve power and stability
  3. Helps restore the body’s strength and immunity
  4. Rejuvenates and vitalizes the body 
  5. Helps with muscles toning and strengthening 
  6. Helps recover from previous weaknesses and illnesses
  7. Helps counter the symptoms of major illnesses and treats minor ailments 
  8. Provides relaxation by countering stress and anxiety 

It has been proven through rigorous studies and experiments involving Shilajit that it is capable of achieving all these goals and can be used to improve the quality of health. Many people who do not even suffer from any issues have incorporated the product in their health routines simply for these benefits.

On the other end of this are people who suffer from serious ailments related to the body and brain. While Dabur Shilajit Gold capsules cannot completely cure them of their illness, they can make the process of their treatment more effective by providing them with the strength and stability they need to fight and recover. 

Some of these serious issues that Shilajit can help with are:

  1. Low testosterone level: In men, the level of testosterone might decrease over time. This leads to low libido, fatigue, hair loss, loss of body mass, etc.

    As mentioned above, Shilajit capsules can fight these symptoms because of the different properties they possess. The safed Musli in this product can help increase libido, Shilajit and Ashwagandha provide energy and work on leveling muscle mass.

  2. Iron deficiency: People suffering from an iron deficiency, also known as anemia, can use Shilajit supplements to help fight the symptoms of their problem while working on solving it.

    The fatigue and weakness resulting from anemia can be treated with the energizing properties of Shilajit while the amount of iron in the blood can be increased with prolonged use. The capsules contain ingredients with antioxidant properties that improve heart health and the flow of blood

  3. Alzheimer’s disease: Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive disorder of the brain that impacts memory, behavior, and thinking. A component of Shilajit is an antioxidant known as fulvic acid, which can improve cognitive health.

    Based on research and the molecular composition of Shilajit, experts believe that it can help slow down the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.



Undeniably, there are various health benefits and uses of Shilajit Gold. The value of these cannot be undermined, however, it is essential to keep in mind that there can be some side effects to Shilajit if not used in the appropriate manner. 

Even though Shilajit is sourced from nature, and is a natural and safe herb, it is not safe for consumption in the unprocessed or raw form. As it develops over a course of hundreds or thousands of years from animal and plant remains, it may contain heavy ions, fungus, radicals, and other viruses/bacterias that can cause the human body a lot of harm. 

It is vital to ensure that you buy your Shilajit from an established brand that extracts all the benefits of Shilajit with due process and deposits them into the product they deliver to you. An unreliable brand or source of Shilajit can lead to issues and significantly harm the body.


As is the case with most medications and supplements, Dabur Shilajit Gold comes with storage and safety instructions. These are based on the considerations of how the environment might impact the product, it is essential that these instructions are followed to uphold the quality and effectiveness of the product. The instructions provided by Dabur are:

  1. Read the label carefully before use
  2. Keep out of reach of the children
  3. Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight
  4. Use under medical supervision
  5. Do not refrigerate 
  6. Do not exceed the recommended dose 


It is recommended that adults consume two Dabur Shilajit Gold capsules a day, one in the morning and once at night. Instead of taking the pill with water like most pills, it is recommended that Dabur Shilajit be taken with lukewarm milk. This is the dosage recommended for those who do not consult a physician and rely on the information provided by the brand experts.

For those who have been consulting a doctor, it is recommended that the supplement be consumed as per the instructions provided to them by their doctor instead of what is recommended on the label.

Researchers conducted an experiment and found that the supplement can take effect anywhere between 10 to 20 days, depending on the potency of the product. The two varieties in which this product is available based on potency are Dabur Shilajit Gold Capsule and Dabur Shilajit Double Gold. 


Experts have suggested some tips to make sure the best possible results are extracted from the use of Dabur Shilajit Gold, these are:

  1. Taking the medicine at the same time every day to help you remember to take it as well as to maintain a connected cycle.
  2. It is not enough to take the capsule for the best possible results, alter your diet to add as many vitamins and nutrients as possible This will help you stay strong and grow every day.
  3. It is important to lead a healthy lifestyle. Along with a proper diet, introduce some light exercise into your routine and take active breaks every now and then.
  4. Consult a doctor either before starting or after starting the supplement in case you are taking other medicines to ensure that the effects of neither get compromised.
  5. In case of a missed dose, take it as soon as you remember. Do not fret if it is no longer possible to fit that dosage in your routine, continue with the other dosage and be careful not to miss another one.


Height has always been a noticeable character of a person when he or she first walks into the room but has never been important, but the importance given to it now has gone beyond being an inherited physical characteristic to something that is taken into due consideration while forming an opinion of the person himself/herself. As absurd as it is, this is the reality. Height has come to be equated with the impression, presence, and personality of a person. 

An ayurvedic medicine that has managed to make this possible for people to boost height is Dabur Shilajit Gold.

Though it might seem like the primary purpose of Dabur Shilajit Gold does not relate to increased height and a boost in growth spurt, the supplement has gained quite some popularity for exactly these benefits. As the ingredients used in the product are those that boost bodily functions to allow people to feel more active, they make it possible for them to grow more and push the limits. 

Researchers have found that people who take Shilajit Gold capsules while still in the developmental phase are likely to see an increase in height even after a growth stunt or pause compared to those who do not take the supplement. 

It is possible for Shilajit Gold capsules to lead to an increase in height given that the genetics of the person support that growth and there is still space for development. 


Dabur Shilajit Gold Capsule is available in two different packaging sizes. A pack containing 10 capsules costs Rs. 245 and a pack containing 20 capsules costs Rs.445. The price does not go beyond this range as this is the printed price, but there are offers from time to time that you can avail to get the product at a somewhat lower rate. 

Though the product might seem to be on the costlier side, the quality of ingredients and the expert formula you get is well worth the price. 


With how vast the customer base for Dabur is, there are a lot of reviews available for their products on the internet. Dabur Shilajit Gold Capsule has garnered thousands of reviews across a number of platforms due to how popular it has become, the reviews are very positive and almost all the customers imply that they have seen health benefits and results from the use of these capsules.  Some of the recent reviews available on the product are provided below:

I wrote this review after taking two packs of it.. It really works.. Taking 1 tab daily after some light exercise, it really improved my health without any side effects…” – Ayan Dutta, Amazon

“The product is really mean for what they have written. I found it very effective. Really it works. Take two capsules per day with a little warm milk.

I have used it for a week and I feel the difference. It really boosted me.Helped me to have better sleep. More concentration and less fatigue.

You will see results within a week. There is no side effect of this product if taken in limit(2 capsule/Day). Enjoy and Smash each day of your life.” – Amazon User

“It worked from day one and I feel energetic. It is a very good ayurvedic product with no side effects.” Sunil Kumar Mishra, 1mg.com


It is evident from all the research work that has been done and the user testimonials that have been collected that Dabur Shilajit Gold Capsule is extremely effective in improving the overall health of the body while boosting growth and development. There are no side effects to this ayurvedic remedy and it can be used to treat a wide range of health concerns. 

Anyone who feels dejected, stressed, or exhausted, can take this supplement to replenish energy and feel more rejuvenated. This product is not formulated with a specific ailment in mind and targets a lot of different areas that work together to make sure our bodies and brain function harmoniously. 

These supplements can push the boundaries a little by promoting height growth through their ability to impact growth and development, all while ensuring optimal functioning of the body.

If you are looking to elevate your mood, feel more excited and energized to live through your day, or simply improve your health patterns, you can take Shilajit Gold capsules and see the change happen in your life.




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