Human beings value their height a lot. Not having a proper height affects their morale and can be very depressing at times. Many people even face mockery due to their short height. While a good height is not what defines a person’s abilities, talents, emotions etc. Still, it can become a reason for low self-esteem as well as depression. Ayurveda has come up with a solution to this problem. 

Ayurvedic treatments have some possible ways to increase height and also help to maintain it. Praval pishti is one of those ayurvedic treatments that can be a way to maintain height. This article will guide those people seeking help regarding their height problems.


Among the enormous ayurvedic medicines, praval pishti is a known name. The term ‘praval’ means coral. This medicine is made with coral calcium and treats many diseases. The calcium factor in this medicine is very effective for the bones as well as the teeth. It gets absorbed in the bones pretty easily and makes the shape proper.

This ayurvedic medicine can treat a wide range of diseases starting from fever to respiratory problems covering some bleeding disorders and many more. The easily absorbing nature of this medicine helps the body to get stronger.


The wide use of praval pishti is possible for the main ingredients that this medicine contains. From the name of the medicine, it is quite obvious that the prime ingredient will be coral that needs to be purified. This purified coral is dried up and turned into a powder. This powdered coral is mixed with the other ingredient that is rose water. 

Other than these ingredients, praval pishti has magnesium and some other important minerals in it. These altogether are very important to our body. 


There are multiple praval pishti benefits to be aware of. And among these, one important benefit is the effectiveness of increasing height. This medicine is very useful when it comes to increasing height as well as maintaining that height. People have found it fruitful even after 18 years of age. 

Generally, both men and women stop growing by their height after hitting the puberty stage. This stage is definitely before 18 years and for that thing, it is very obvious to think that height can not be increased after that age. But this ayurvedic medicine has helped people to grow after 18 and to have a standard height.

The secret behind this mystery is the main ingredient of praval pishti, which is coral calcium. It is known very well that calcium is the ‘backbone’ of our bones. And lack of calcium can affect our bone density which can cause having a short height. The calcium element in this medicine gets absorbed in the bones very quickly. This helps the bones to grow and shape naturally.

Consuming this ayurvedic medicine can improve bone density and make the bones stronger. Strong and well-shaped bones maintain the increased height of a person. This also reduces the chance of getting a fracture or low bone density diseases. 


Praval pishti might be an ayurvedic remedy but that does not allow anyone to consume it without any limits. Ayurvedic medicines must be taken in a certain dosage to have effectiveness. The dosage can vary depending on the age, strength, height, gender, and condition of the patient. 

The ideal dosage of this medicine for adults should be between 125 mg to 500 mg. Anyone can consume this amount twice or thrice a day before or after their meal. Increasing the dosage to 2500 mg can be very harmful to the patient. Also, consuming an overdose frequently increases the risk factors for the patients. 


After knowing the dosage limitations, people think about how to take praval pishti. There are multiple ways to consume this and anyone can choose whatever they find suitable. People can mix it with lukewarm milk or water and drink the dissolved solution. Other than this process, mixing it with honey, butter, or ghee and making a thick mixture is also fine to consume praval pishti.


Nowadays, there are many companies manufacturing this ayurvedic element. Praval pishti price can be varied due to the different manufacturing companies as well as the quantity. Some of the renowned manufacturing companies are – Dabur, Patanjali, Baidynath, Unjha praval pishti, etc.

The price can start from Rs. 150/- and can go up to Rs. 400/- depending on these matters. This powder can be available in any local medicine shop as well as online shopping platforms. 


According to the above-discussed factors, one thing is confirmed that praval pishti uses can cover a wide spectrum of diseases. Other than increasing and maintaining height, it can be used as a natural remedy for many diseases. Let’s know about the multifunctional nature of praval pishti

  1. This has worked as a magical remedy in cases of high fever. The antipyretic properties of praval pishti decrease the body temperature and provide relief from the fever. It works within two hours of consumption and reduces the restless, weak feeling. It also helps to cope with the post fever difficulties including – body pain, headaches, etc.
  2. Praval pishti can provide relief from acidity and stomach aches. The anti-acid and digestive elements of this powder fasten the process of digestion and reduce the chance of constipation or acid formation. The stomach burn gets reduced after consuming it after a meal.
  3. Vitamin C containing praval pishti can be helpful for pimples and other skin-related problems. This also heals the inflammatory problems along with cracked skin. This anti-inflammatory property protects the skin from any kind of infection. People having immunity disorders regarding their skin find this method very helpful. 
  4. All the natural minerals play an important role in boosting the immune system. Anti-bacterial, antifungal, anti-viral, properties of this medicine make a protection for the body and guard it against cold, fever, and other diseases.
  5. Praval pishti is very effective for excessive bleeding problems. It controls the blood flow during the periods. Women who face excessive bleeding problems during their periods can opt for this magical medicine.



Every medicine should be taken in a limited dose whether it is ayurvedic or allopathic. The same goes for praval pishti. Excessive dosage can be the reversal of good things. Consulting a doctor before starting this medicine is very important. Otherwise, the consequences will be harmful. Praval pishti side effects include – 

  1. Praval pishti is used as a remedy for acidity. But excessive dosage can turn the tables for you and you might face a problem of acidity.
  2. As in addition to the first point, it can also cause a problem in digestion along with some cases of vomiting. It can create an irritation in the stomach and people feel like burning inside their body and stomach.
  3. This can cause tremendous stomach pains as well if the prescribed amount is not followed by the patient.
  4. In some severe cases, the patient might face a loss of interest in their appetite. 
  5. Sometimes, it can also result in having stones in the kidney. This is a serious case of a side effect generated by praval pishti and must not be ignored at any cost.


Praval pishti is a herbal product and does not cause any severe side effects if consumed properly. But it is an obvious fact that overdose might ruin the natural power of ayurvedic ingredients and create unwanted situations. To avoid these situations, it is recommended to follow some basic yet important steps.

  • If someone is thinking about starting this medicine, they must consult with their doctor. Getting to know about your body’s reactionary properties is very important before consuming this medicine.
  • The dosage must be according to the recommended dose by the doctor. Otherwise, the dosage prescribed on the label of the medicine should be followed by everyone.
  • Do not substitute your medicine with this medicine without informing the doctor. This can affect the body and can create complications.
  • If anyone is buying this ayurvedic element from any drug store or from online stores, they must check the ingredients used to make it. Try to buy a product having minimum ingredients apart from the basic ones. Also, notice if there are any strong preservatives used or not. If you find any preservatives you are allergic to, you must ignore that product and try to make the mixture on your own.
  • Eating healthy food along with some exercise while consuming praval pishti is the best way to see the results.


There are many other remedies and medicines in Ayurveda that are found beneficial to increase height. These medicines too should be taken in a limited and prescribed manner. Many people have used these methods and have noticed the change in their height. Some of these methods are – 

  • Ashwagandha: Ashwagandha has been recognized as a wonderful remedy for height increase. The natural properties of ashwagandha not only increase height but also help to maintain health. It has natural virtues which are helpful for bone density, hair-related problems, other health issues, etc. The powder of ashwagandha’s root is used with some warm milk or water to have an effective result on the body. 
  • Shilajit:
    Shilajit and mostly himalaya shilajit have been working efficiently to help people increase their heights. This ayurvedic element is capable of boosting memory as well as providing strength to the body. Mixing shilajit with some warm milk gives amazing results.
  • Yashtimadhu:
    This medicine in Ayurveda has proven to be working as a height-increasing agent for many years. The rich antioxidants in yashtimadhu are very helpful for health. The anti-inflammatory characteristic helps the skin to be protected from any infections. This has some advantages for the betterment of hair as well. It has some remarkable benefits in respiratory problems, boosting immunity, controlling cholesterol levels, reducing stress and anxiety, etc.
  • Arjuna:
    Arjuna is one of the most potent ayurvedic medicines. The extract from the arjuna tree’s bark is used to grow height. It also helps to improve the metabolism rate of the body. The antioxidant properties of arjuna positively impact our bodies and mind.
  • Amalaki:
    Amalaki is an ayurvedic medicine acknowledged by the whole world. This affects height positively and also reduces the weight to the desired amount. Amalaki’s natural elements are fruitful for hair problems as well as treating problems related to liver, heart, lungs, etc. 
  • Exercise and yoga:
    No one can deny the importance of exercise and yoga in daily life. Doing exercise or yoga on a regular basis helps our body to grow faster and stronger. There are multiple options in exercise that are helpful for height increase. 

Similarly, yoga in Ayurveda has also been efficient to increase height and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  It helps to gain weight and releases the stress of body and mind. The postures of yoga help in working the body parts effectively.


Praval pishti is an ayurvedic medicine and is very useful for maintaining height. But it will not show a drastic change overnight. Consuming it needs patience as it works internally in a slow and long process. The calcium properties of this medicine are very productive for human bones as well as teeth. Besides these properties, other diseases also get treated with the help of this ayurvedic medicine.

But having limitless praval pishti will definitely cause harm to the body and mind. Ayurvedic remedies must be monitored strictly under the doctor’s supervision. Whenever the body is showing any side effects, immediately contact the doctor for their advice. Buying this product from the outside can be a bit risky. That is why try to buy a product using natural ingredients. It can improve the immune system but can be harmful if not taken care of properly.

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