The market for nutritional supplements is saturated to its brim. Many claim to help gain height or weight via formulas designed for those specific purposes, so it can be challenging to navigate through all of your options. A well-applauded product, however, is PediaSure Grow and Gain- a powder product for children that adults also use with the hope of observing height growth. However, does this pediasure powder actually work?


The pediasure powder is an additional supplement for children belonging to the pediasure age group of 2-12 years of age. It claims to provide crucial vitamins and nutrients that are required by children during the growing stage. They boast of 37 nutrients in total, ones that would boost their height and weight, their immune system, and their brain development via just two servings of pediasure on a day-to-day basis. The brand has been committed to their goal as they have changed their formulas multiple times- whether to accommodate new scientific findings or to make improved versions of their products.


Abbot Laboratories is behind the manufacturing process of PediaSure products. It is an American multinational healthcare company that was founded in Chicago, 1888. They have various operations they venture into, such as selling medications, diagnostics, and making nutritional products, one of which includes PediaSure. With their manufacturing of nutritional supplements, they have grown beyond the American borders through professional recommendations and positive feedback.


  • Carbohydrates
    PediaSure grow and gain consists of carbohydrates that are equal in nutrition levels to half a bowl of cooked brown rice. It gives you a good energy boost for the day while also taking care of heart health. It can help you further in building macromolecules and utilize proteins and fat for other uses.
  • Proteins
    The proteins present in the pediasure ingredients are equated to having the nutritional value of half a piece of chicken breast that is boiled (lean and skin included). The proteins present in this formula help build and repair body tissues. It helps you in maintaining your energy levels and renew your body tissues as required. On the label, these will appear as Milk Protein Concentrate, Soy Protein Isolate, and Nonfat Milk.
  • Linolenic Acid (Omega-3)
    This ingredient helps in feeding the brain. It also helps in DHA production that the body needs aid in as it cannot produce much by itself. Linolenic Acid is also an essential nutrient required to help in preventing heart and blood vessel diseases. It works on lowering cholesterol levels in the body too. Its nutritional value is the same as half a cup of boiled oat that weighs around 406 grams.
  • Vitamin B2
    Vitamin B12 is another component of the PediaSure grow and gain powder. It helps keep nerve and blood cells healthy. It helps in reserving energy in the body for your body to be assisted in growth and strength development. It has been equated to one and a half cups of cooked spinach on a nutritional level.
  • Vitamin C
    Vitamin C functions as an essential antioxidant in the pediasure powder formula compared to half an orange’s worth of nutritional value. Vitamin C helps in protecting the building blocks of our body’s muscles by protecting cells and bones. It also helps in accelerating wound healing by its property of maintaining blood vessels’ health. Last but not the least, it is helpful in bone formation and helps in the body’s absorption of Iron. It can be read as Ascorbic Acid on the labels.

  • Calcium
    The calcium present in the pediasure powder is representative of pediasure’s commitment to assist in growth. The calcium present helps in building strong bones and strengthening teeth. It has been equated to the nutritional value of 171g worth of a piece of tofu. It is mentioned as Calcium Phosphate and Calcium Carbonate on the label of the pediasure powder.
  • Iron
    Iron is a hormone-stimulating ingredient in this pediasure powder. It helps provide oxygen to your blood cells and muscles so that your body can maintain its balance and grow with the help of growth hormones. The nutritional value of the iron present in the formula has been equated to half a cup of Quinoa.
  • Zinc
    Zinc tops this list with its involvement in aiding the growth and development of the person. It strengthens the person’s immune system and also helps in breaking carbohydrates down. It has been equated to two and a half pieces of steamed king prawns in terms of their nutritional value.


  • Physical Growth
    PediaSure for kids ensures that the protein and amino acids incorporated into the formula help in the building and development of muscle tissue. This aids in the physical growth of the child beyond simple maintenance of their normal muscle function. The arginine present in the formula is also an amino acid that helps in repairing body tissues and stimulates growth. When it comes to the consumption of Pediasure Grow and Gain by adults, the formula certainly helps in building bone strength and strengthening muscle tissues. However, while it does also help in the maintenance of their muscle functions, pediasure for adults mostly helps in weight gain. If you are above the age of nineteen, pediasure growth and gain will not help you grow in height, but it will help you in putting on weight.
  • Immunity Support
    The pediasure powder formula consists of Vitamins A, B6, B12, and C that help in boosting your immune system. The Iron, zinc, and selenium present in the formula also help work towards the same cause as children need the boost during their developmental stages. The growth hormones are stimulated as well, further strengthening the immune system.
    When it comes to adults consuming PediaSure, it will provide you with supplementary aid for an immunity boost. However, depending on your body size and measurements, your requirements are likely to be greater than what the pediasure powder assures is required by children from ages 2 to 12. It is best to make dietary changes and take Vitamin C supplements made for adults to meet your requirements adequately.
  • Bone Development
    The pediasure powder also contains magnesium and vitamin D. These ingredients help in calcium absorption that is highly required for building bone strength. Calcium, Vitamin D, and Vitamin K further help in the development and growth of the child’s bone structure.  When it comes to adults, strengthening of bones is still a requirement- especially if you are crossing your mid-life phase. It is important to retain all the vitamins you need to keep your bones strong and functioning. However, pediasure’s ingredients are not all catered to bone-strengthening if that is your priority.
  • Brain development
    Children’s brains are most vulnerable and have the most potential to develop during the earliest developmental stages. This pediasure powder provides many neuro-nutrients that will help in the functioning and empowerment of the brain, such as Linoleic Acid, Alpha-Linolenic Acid, Vitamin B12, Folic Acid, Iron, Iodine, Choline, and Taurine. Adults can use these ingredients to help prevent and treat heart and blood diseases. Alpha-linolenic acid is well known for preventing heart attacks, lowering high blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, and even helping in reversing atherosclerosis. Neuronutrients that help in maintaining the brain’s functions are never going to be a low priority by the increase in age, so this is quite recommendable for adults.
  • Less processed sugar
    Pediasure benefits never remain stagnant as the powder’s formula constantly evolves to accommodate new discoveries and advancements in the present formula. One of the more significant benefits of the advanced formula is that it carries 25% less processed sugar.
    This is helpful as it reduces the risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, liver diseases, and more. This helps give children a genuine energy boost through carbohydrates that are broken down effectively with the help of the other elements present in the formula.
    Processed sugar is bad for human health regardless of age. Adults who choose to consume this pediasure powder will benefit from the lack of processed sugar as in our modern lifestyle; this ingredient has become commonplace for most shelf products. 

The formula further proves itself by providing genuine energy boosts without compromising on other aspects of your health that become increasingly important to understand and take care of as you grow further into adulthood.



  • Lactose intolerance
    While the latest formula of the pediasure powder contains lesser traces of lactose, it is not advisable for children or adults with lactose intolerance to consume the product without consulting a healthcare professional. However, the formula has been made to suit individuals who want a low lactose diet generally.
  • Milk protein allergy
    If you or your child has a milk protein allergy, pediasure side effects can take place. The company strictly warns against consuming the product in such cases. The presence of casein and whey can trigger allergic reactions, which are not favorable, especially in children.
  • Not a sole source of nutrition
    You must be aware that this pediasure powder is only a supplementary nutritional shake. It should not be used as a substitute for meals, nor should it be entirely depended upon for specific priorities that children or you may need to focus on through supplements. It is an all-rounded product, but specific priorities must be focused on with greater intensity that is recommended by a healthcare professional.
  • Not for children with galactosemia
    Galactosemia is a disorder where individual bodies are unable to process galactose. It is a part of lactose. However, it is present in various products, especially baby formulas. Children with galactosemia are warned against having this product.
  • Unsuitable for vegans
    If you want to follow a vegan diet, this product is not for you. It utilizes milk proteins whose sourcing is not disclosed publicly. 


Whether it’s pediasure for baby or an adult, the protein shake must be consumed the same way. The powder formula has been made to be mixed with water. However, if you prefer milk instead, that is a decent alternative as well. 

If it is being consumed by a child from 1 to 4 years of age, they can have two glasses of pediasure grow and gain every day. If it is for a child from the age of 5 to 10, you can increase the intake by one more glass. For adults, it can be taken based on your requirements.


PediaSure Grow and Gain is an excellent product vouched for by medical professionals all around the world. It is an excellent nutritional supplement drink for children and can also be used by some adults based on their bodily requirements. It benefits height growth for children, although DNA is a huge part of determining the maximum height one will grow into. However, an adult cannot expect to grow in height via intake of this formula primarily made for children. 

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