PATANJALI SHILAJIT – Ayurvedic method of curing diseases is the most trusted way by people to cure any disease because it’s natural and also has ties to the ancient Indian medical system. It’s built on the principle that good health and well-being need a careful balance of mind, body, and spirit. Its primary purpose is to promote good health rather than to combat sickness. Treatments, on the other hand, may be tailored to individual health issues. 

Patanjali Ayurved is a very famous company, especially in India. We Indians rely more on ayurvedic methods rather than allopathy. We are here to discuss one of the products which is ‘Patanjali Shilajit’. Shilajit is mainly famous for its height increasing benefits which brings us to dig out this question, does Patanjali Shilajit actually grow height?

Shilajit can be found in the Himalayan range. It’s a very sticky substance more like tar which is mainly a mineral dough of all decomposed substances and is very useful for humankind. Shilajit is a mineral also a nutritious product which recites in high land regions of India, Japan, Tibet, Bhutan and Gilgit.

 It acts as a natural anti-ageing and rejuvenating ingredient. As a result, it can help us grow taller by increasing our physical activity. With all these properties Patanjali launched this product and Patanjali shilajit has genuinely impacted the lives of people. When I went through its product review, people who used Patanjali Shilajit were happy and satisfied with the product. 

Growth hormone levels released from the anterior portion of the pituitary gland in the brain are completely dependent on human growth. During adolescence, between the ages of 13 and 19, the secretion reaches its peak, resulting in the greatest height and development. 

Before this age, humans acquire an average of 2 inches in height each year, but beyond this age, the typical growth rate can reach nearly 4 inches per year. After this age, the synthesis of growth hormone decreases dramatically, and natural growth ceases entirely. As a result, even with a balanced diet and frequent activity, you cannot expect to get taller after the age of 18-19.


Patanjali has launched the following products for its shilajit:

  •  Patanjali shilajit capsule
  •  Patanjali shilajit liquid
  •  Patanjali shilajit powder 


The overall price of patanjali shilajit (patanjali shudh shilajit) is between Rs 100 to  Rs 200. Most of the patanjali shilajit products are very affordable yet effective.


Shilajit, Ashwangdha, Bhumi Amla, Harar, Baheda, and Amla are active components in Patanjali Divya Shilajeet Rasayan Vati.


  •  Acts as an aphrodisiac, increasing energy and sexual stamina in males
  •  Used to treat erectile dysfunction in men and different sexual disorders in the male reproductive system
  •  Beneficial for male reproductive organs and urinary system nervous system diseases
  •  Improves the quality of the sperms and treats the male infertility


Take two tablets of Patanjali Divya Shilajeet Rasayana with milk or lukewarm water after each meal, or as prescribed by a physician.


A pack of patanjali rasayan vati worth Rs. 110 consists of 60 tablets (300 mg)



Follow the below-given guidelines before consuming patanjali rasayan vati:

  • Before using, read the label carefully.
  • Do not exceed the indicated dose.
  • Keep out of reach and sight of minors.


Patanjali shilajit has a lot of ingredients that have been proven effective for height growth. Some of the ingredients are listed below:

  • Shilajit: Shilajit can be found in the Himalayan range. It’s a very sticky substance more like tar which is mainly a mineral dough of all decomposed substances and is very useful for humankind. Shilajit is a mineral also a nutritious product which recites in high land regions of India, Japan, Tibet, Bhutan and Gilgit. Acts as a natural anti-ageing and rejuvenating ingredient. As a result, it can help us grow taller by increasing our physical activity.
  • Ashwagandha: Ashwagandha is a very known herbal remedy. It’s an adaptogen, which means it can assist your body cope with stress and anxiety. Ashwagandha also has a slew of additional health and mental advantages. It can, for example, improve brain function, reduce blood sugar and cortisol levels, and aid in the treatment of anxiety and depression symptoms.
  • Bhumi Amla: In Sanskrit, Bhumi Amla is called ‘Dukong anak’ and ‘Bhumi Amalaki.’ Its whole plant has a variety of therapeutic advantages which are immensely beneficial. Due to its hepatoprotective, antioxidant, and antiviral properties, Bhumi Amla cures in the problems of liver diseases and reverses any damage made to the liver. It also aids in the prevention of ulcers by lowering gastric acid production and preserving the stomach lining from damage caused by too much acidic ingestion. Due to its diuretic properties, Bhumi Amla may help lower the incidence of kidney stone development as well. It does so by assisting in the elimination of salts that cause kidney stones to develop.
  • Harad: Harad, also known as Harade in India, is a herb with several Ayurvedic health benefits. Harad is amazing when it comes to a lot of things, also a plant that can help prevent hair loss and promote healthy growth of hair. This is due to the presence of vitamin C, iron, manganese, selenium, and copper, which all contribute to the scalp’s ideal minerals. The oil extracted from Harad seeds is used to help the gastrointestinal tract move more freely. In the event of persistent constipation, this aids bowel movement and facilitates stool evacuation.

    Harad powder helps to strengthen the immune system by decreasing cell problems and damage done to it through its antioxidant and immunomodulatory properties. Haritaki, often known as the “King of Medicines,” is a miracle ayurvedic fruit that is widely utilised for a variety of  treatments. It is widely known as Indian walnut or Indian plum in English, grown from the seeds of the Terminalia chebula tree.

  • Baheda: In Sanskrit, Baheda is known as “Bibhitaki,” which means “the one who keeps away from illnesses.” It is one of the major ingredients of the herbal remedy “Triphala,” which is used to treat common colds, pharyngitis, and constipation. The Baheda tree is a big deciduous tree that may be found across India. All components of the tree, notably the dried fruit, are utilised for therapeutic purposes.

    The flavour of Baheda’s fruits is astringent (bitter) and acrid (sour). Baheda’s antibacterial and anti-allergic qualities aid in the relief of cough and cold symptoms. Baheda powder taken with honey relieves cough and strengthens the immune system. Baheda churna is a digestive aid that may be used at home. It may be made by mixing Baheda churna with a glass of warm water and drinking it on a daily basis. Due to its laxative properties, it also aids in the prevention of constipation by loosening stool and encouraging bowel movements.

  • Amla: The translucent green fruit, whose name comes from the Sanskrit word ‘Amalaki,’ which means “nectar of life,” can protect us from a variety of diseases, including the common cold, cancer, and infertility. Amla, according to Ayurveda physicians, may help balance the three doshas (Kapha/vata/pitta) in the body and eradicate the root cause of many illnesses. Amla berries include antioxidants and vitamins that have a variety of health advantages. Amla’s high vitamin C content aids the body’s recovery from sickness.

    Amla berries also contain flavonols, which have been linked to health advantages such as enhanced memory. When compared to store-bought supplements, the vitamin C in amla is more easily absorbed by the body. When you have a cold or a cough, mix two teaspoons of amla powder with two teaspoons of honey and take it three to four times a day for immediate relief, or once a day for long-term prevention.


Even if our height does not define us, it can be depressing to be ridiculed by it from time to time by others. This can lead to mental distress and a sense of worthlessness. In summary, your height has the power to build or destroy your self-confidence and personality. So, what exactly can you do about it? Gaining a few more inches, especially in a short period of time, is difficult due to a variety of hereditary and non-genetic variables. However, certain commercial Ayurvedic height-boosting treatments can help you grow and attain your desired height to some extent.

Pantanjali, although had, got so many accusations piled up on the company, but the product review of shilajit has been satisfying for the customers. Patanjali shilajit helped the customers in many ways. Height is one of the factors but it also provided strength and growth to the whole body and impacted many lives through its all-natural ingredients. People in India are keen on trying the ayurvedic method in the very first place for all the problems because it’s the natural and harmless way. One thing that Ayurved assured you is that it can never go wrong and nobody wants to take risks at the initial stage of their life. They try out the Ayurvedic method and if it’s not working then they jump to allopathy or any other method for a cure.

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