I do not why most people would want to alter a thing or two about them but height is one of them. There are several people who would rather be like Kendall Jenner than Kourtney Kardhashian when it comes to height. Well, both seem pretty good to me but people have preference and to be honest, preferences are mostly based on what others feel is right and never really about your personal ‘preference.’ There are several products in the market of different kinds that claim to help you with your height. There are homeopathic medicines for height, ayurvedic medicines, milk substitutes like bournvita, complan, etc. There is really no end to it. But how good or efficient are these products?


You might have questions like, does homeopathy work for height growth? Before we venture on to that, let us weigh the advantages of homeopathy. Homeopathy has been our go-to medication every once in a while, and the reasons are not surprising.

  • Homeopathic medicines are mostly sweet little white balls so in case allopathic medication is too bitter or tasteless or intolerable in terms of taste, people could resort to homeopathic medication.
  • Homeopathy is a strong believer of ‘like cures like’ hence, a small dosage would start working on bringing out the symptoms so the body’s immune system or white blood cells could works against it and the body could fight it and be healthy again.
  • Homeopathy is considered a safer option because of its side-effects. Homeopathy has no to minimal side effects on your health and that is why it is considered a safer option.
  • Homeopathy is somewhere midway between all natural like Ayurveda and all scientific like allopathic. It has got the best of both worlds and you could rely on it for your treatment.
  • Homeopathy has a cure for almost every condition, disease, etc. for every age group.
  • Homeopathy not only works on treating the problem at hand but also prepares the body to work against something similar for the future too. It builds a resistance against it and acts like preventive and curative medication.
  • Homeopathic medicines are well priced. It does not seem like you are spending a chunk of your fortune on something and homeopathic medicines are extremely affordable.



Growth of the body depends on several innate factors and most important being growth hormones in your body. There are several reasons which can hamper your physical growth and in turn stop you from reaching your true potential. Homeopathic medicines for height work on just that, growth hormones. They aim to restore the original balance so you could grow to your full potential.

  • RITE-HITE BY SBL: This medicine consists of baryta carbonica which is great for reaching the maximum physical and mental growth. Silicea is another ingredient which aims at nutrition, in case the growth is stopped due to improper nutrition. Natrum muriaticum is another important one that helps in enriching the blood against anemia. The last ingredient is calcarea phosphorica, which promotes growth and health of bones.
  • BHARGAVA TALLO-VIT TABLETS: These are considered excellent for boosting growth as it works on the inner bodily function which are related with height and physical growth.
  • LORDS HITE UP TABLETS: These tablets are like a mix of every homeopathic ingredient working on every aspect of physical growth. Height or physical growth is connected with hormones, nourishment, general health, etc. This medicine aims to work on every factor so you could reach your original destined height. The ingredients include baryta carbonica, silicea, etc.
  • BLOOUME16 GRO T DROPS: Like most Homeopathic medicines for height, this one also works by working on the factors responsible for growth. It has similar ingredients like others, namely, baryta carbonica 30, baryta phosphorica 30, thuja 30, etc. Baryta carbonica 30 works against dwarfism, silicea 30 helps with digestion and better utilization of food to use it for growth and thuja 30 is used for kids with weak immune systems and as a result are unwell frequently.
  • HASLAB PHYSI HITE TABLETS: Improper secretion of growth hormones not only results in putting a barrier in height but also, late development of secondary sex characteristics and delay in puberty. It includes barium carbonate which helps with growth and increases metabolism, aurum metallicum helps with the growth hormone and promotes healthy body and phosphorus helps with regulating metabolism.


We hope we could answer how to increase height by homeopathy medicine for you but there are several things you need to keep in mind. Homeopathic medicines for height are medicines at the end of the day, do not consume anything and everything before consulting a medical professional and stick to the prescribed dosage as it could harm you in some way or the other if taken more than prescribed or necessary.

 Another misconception about Homeopathic medicines for height or any other height or growth related supplement is the fact that it makes you grow. No, it does not. Work like that. Any medicine or product aiming at your height or growth only makes sure that you reach your true potential according to your genetic composition, not alter that or work against it.

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