Ashwagandha, a small green shrub, has been used in Indian Ayurveda for centuries. This plant generally grows in India, the Middle East, and some parts of Africa. The word ‘Ashwagandha’ is created by adding two Sanskrit words, ‘ashva’ that means horse, and ‘gandha’ that means smell. The root of this plant smells like horse odor and hence such a name is given. Ashwagandha has multiple medicinal values benefiting the human body without any severe side effects. It has a great effect on – stress relief, boosting brain activity, helping to fight anxiety and depression, increasing muscle strength, etc.

Ashwagandha has also some proven properties of increasing height. The root powder of ashwagandha is consumed to increase the height. But this method is a bit problematic as people do not get good quality ashwagandha powder easily. For that reason, nowadays ashwagandha tablets are available in the market to ease up the problems. Himalaya has also launched Himalaya ashwagandha tablets and Himalaya ashwagandha powder. Ashwagandha is Himalaya’s marvel remedy for a majority of problems. In this article, we will discuss everything about ashwagandha’s benefits to increase height and its other aspects.


Himalaya Pure Herb Ashwagandha tablets are used for many purposes. It helps to rejuvenate the body as well as releases stress and anxiety. The tablets help the body to fight against infections and also reduces inflammation. Ashwagandha has natural elements that increase our white blood cells and build our immunity system stronger and also it helps to increase height. It also works effectively for our irregular sleep patterns. It helps to get the required amount of sleep properly and also releases the fatigue levels to have a healthy lifestyle. 

Himalaya ashwagandha tablets are best for people who believe in Ayurveda and want natural ingredients for their bodies. This medicine works like magic and controls cortisol secretion. This relieves stress and the human body gets more energy. Each tablet contains 250 mg of ashwagandha powder. The product is totally vegetarian so that everyone can consume it without having any fear of breaking their ethics. One bottle of net weight 300gm contains 60 ashwagandha tablets.

It is quite obvious from the name of the medicine that the manufacturer of the tablet is The Himalaya Drug Company itself. This company is situated in Makali in Bengaluru. This particular medicine is only manufactured by Himalaya and no other company has the permission of producing this medicine. Himalaya is basically a brand that manufactures health or skin-related products. They give priority to Ayurveda and natural elements and their products are 100 percent vegetarian. They are ranked 58 in Health and Personal Care sellers and have been providing people with good products for many years.


As mentioned in the bottle of the tablets one Himalaya ashwagandha tablet contains pure vegetarian and natural ingredients. Each tablet has 250 mg of ashwagandha root powder in it. There is no added sugar in it so people having sugar do not need to worry about it. Also, the product is absolutely free from artificial colour, artificial flavours, and extra preservatives to maintain the natural character of ashwagandha.


There are definitely many Himalaya ashwagandha tablets benefits for our mind and body. Ashwagandha is also known as winter cherry and the root and berry are very useful in the medicinal value. They are used in a wide sector of medicines benefiting the human body. The herbal practitioners have recommended ashwagandha over the ages for vitality and rejuvenation of the body. It is also considered a “wellness extender” and “body balancer” for its rejuvenating properties. Clinical studies have proven the fact that ashwagandha has a calming factor in it which acts as a stress buster for people who are under a lot of stress. The tablets also act in the same way and provide a gained energy even after a long day of work or stress.

There are multiple Himalaya ashwagandha tablets uses. Another great advantage of this tablet is that it also helps the male to increase their fertility. Ashwagandha works effectively upon the testosterone hormone and also increases the antioxidants levels in the blood. This also increases the sperm count and quality in men which elongates their fertility levels. Not only fertility but it also helps increase the height of men as well. It can also reduce cholesterol and can reduce blood sugar levels and improve diabetes. Ashwagandha helps the brain to function properly and memorize things.


Himalaya ashwagandha benefits us in a great manner as we have discussed previously. But there can be some side effects of ashwagandha tablets as well. The research about the disadvantages of ashwagandha has not gone too far and for that reason, no concrete evidence of this is found. The intake of a small amount of ashwagandha daily for up to 3 months can be absolutely safe. But in some cases, it is seen that consuming ashwagandha for a long time has caused some health problems. These problems include – digestion problems, vomiting, diarrhea, etc. Also, rarely liver problems may appear. Himalaya ashwagandha tablets also may have these side effects so consume them wisely.



Himalaya ashwagandha price is not much and is very pocket-friendly. The price of a box containing 60 tablets is only Rs. 150/-. You can even find it in lesser value on other online shopping websites. The dosage of the tablet is also mentioned in the box. One tablet twice daily is recommended to consume but it will be beneficial if you can consult with your physician and then decide the dosage. The tablets must be finished within 2 years of the manufacturing date. The ashwagandha tablets are in capsule shape so it might be difficult for children to swallow them. That is why children below 14 years are not recommended to intake this tablet. Also, pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers should not consume the tablet as it might cause complications for the baby.


Ashwagandha is a natural product that has been used for ages. The tablets have shown some effective results on customers. They have agreed to the fact that the tablets have increased their immunity power and have released the stress level. But there are some Himalaya ashwagandha reviews that show people also got side effects from these tablets. As discussed previously, ashwagandha can affect the digestive system. People have faced digestion problems for almost 20 days after taking the tablets. Many of them felt addicted to it like steroids. These instances prove the need for medical consultation before starting to use them.


Ashwagandha is used in many ways and it is also available in many forms in the market. Ashwagandha tablets are a modern way to consume them. But some people always believe in the old school method of using any ayurvedic ingredient. To keep up with their demands as well, ashwagandha powder is also sold in the packaged method. Himalaya ashwagandha powder is sold in a packet of 100gm. This product also has similar effectivity on our body and mind like the tablets. But the name might mislead customers assuming that this is also a product manufactured by The Himalaya Drug Company. This product is manufactured by GREENLAND TRADING COMPANY.

The product has natural and vegetarian elements. 3gm of ashwagandha powder has emerged with some other unknown ingredients to make the product. People who have difficulty swallowing capsules or tablets can opt for this powder. To use this powder, you have to take at least 3gm of the powder and mix with some lukewarm water and drink it daily. You can drink once or twice daily but before consuming it always consult with your physician to avoid any illness in the future. The product costs Rs. 250/- but many online shopping platforms offer a discount on the actual price.


There are multiple theories supporting the fact of ashwagandha helping to increase the height as well as theories that deny this fact and call it baseless. Let’s see both the facts regarding ashwagandha’s power to increase height. There are two main arguments that support the fact of ashwagandha’s height increasing ability.

  1.     As we know that the human body has the growth hormone HGH that influences our growth. Growth hormone is also related to another hormone called GABA or gamma amino-butyric acid. The GABA hormone works as the calming neurotransmitter for the brain. Extra secretion of GABA results in the brain increasing HGH hormone which is directly responsible for our height. Ashwagandha powder extracted from its root stimulates the GABA hormone and thus secretes extra HGH hormone. Also, ashwagandha has rejuvenating power which helps the body to reciprocate well with the HGH hormone. That is why adding ashwagandha powder to the daily diet in a proper amount will help to increase the height.
  2.     Another interesting fact regarding the height increasing theory is related to bone density. It is examined that ashwagandha increases the power of genes which helps the bones to mineralize. Bone mineralizing escalates bone density. Also, ashwagandha’s roots reduce oxidative stress which helps the bones to calcify better. In these ways, ashwagandha helps to increase the height of a human body by escalating the normal procedure of growth by a bit. Along with ashwagandha, a proper and healthy diet plan and regular exercise are needed for remarkable results.

The fact that ashwagandha balances the hormonal levels in our bodies and also increases the levels of testosterone hormone in the male body actually helps HGH to secrete. Thus, ashwagandha influences the growth and height increase of the human body. But there are theories stating the fact that ashwagandha does not have a direct impact on increasing our heights. Let us see those facts as well.

  1.     There are no proven facts that show ashwagandha’s direct impact on height increase. The male human body has a natural growth till the age of 25 years and the female body grows naturally until the age of 21 years. Ashwagandha can only work and minutely affect the growth of both males and females only during their natural growth period when it is active. Once this period is over even after consuming ashwagandha, you will not see any visual difference in your height.
  2.     Also, there is no absolute method and quantity specified anywhere about how and when to consume ashwagandha. As not many pieces of research related to this topic have been conducted there is no solid guidance about the using methods of ashwagandha. Some prescribe having it as tablets, while others prescribe consuming the powder with lukewarm milk or water. There is no specified period continuing the course as well. All these factors lead to great confusion about whether to have it or not.


Not only ashwagandha but there are also many other simple ways that can help you to increase your height by staying at home. There are quite a few natural home remedies that can be beneficial for both men and women –

  1. a)     Maintaining a properly planned healthy diet is very important. It will help the body to get the required amount of calcium every day and eventually will help in your growth.
  2. b)     The right amount of sleep is also required for growth because during the time of sleep the body releases the growth hormone HGH. Not having a proper sleep time will lead to a reduced amount of HGH in your body and your growth might be affected.
  3. c)     Practice good postures and yoga for the best results. Yoga has always been a key to having a fit body and there are many yogas that are effective for the height-increasing purpose. You can easily find out some appropriate yoga poses on Google or YouTube that can help to increase your growth.


Throughout the article, we have been discussing ashwagandha’s benefits for our health and mind. There are a lot of other benefits of ashwagandha that we will discuss now –

  1.     Ashwagandha can help with weight loss. Yes, it sounds unbelievable but there is some research that proves this fact. As we know ashwagandha has a calming effect on the brain, it reduces stress levels. Reduced stress levels lead to decreased food cravings, especially for women. This also helps to have a proper food diet and creates a way to lose weight.
  2.     Ashwagandha has another striking effect on hair loss. Excessive tension and stress always lead to increased hair fall. By releasing the stress levels, ashwagandha helps to reduce the hair fall problem. Apart from this, ashwagandha shampoo and hair oil help in cases of dandruff and dry and itchy scalp. It also secures the melanin amount of hair that delays the greying of hair.
  3.     It has a great result on menopause as well. As ashwagandha controls hormonal balances in our body, it can control the endocrine system which can lead to lesser fluctuation of hormones during that time.
  4.     For skin, ashwagandha also helps in reducing skin acne. It has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties and also affects the collagen in the skin. Thus, it helps the skin not to age fast.
  5.     Ashwagandha has influence over asthma or any respiratory problems. It can reduce the problems regarding the respiratory system and helps asthmatic patients.
  6.     Apart from these problems, ashwagandha can be helpful for cancer, arthritis, insomnia, fertility, Alzheimer’s, stamina, vitiligo, etc.

So, we have covered detailed information about Himalaya ashwagandha and also about ashwagandha as an ayurvedic herb and the benefits as well as side effects of consuming ashwagandha daily. Ashwagandha obviously has some great characteristics that benefit the human body. But as we know overdose of everything causes unnecessary complications. Himalaya ashwagandha tablets are getting popular among people but they should keep in mind that without the proper guidance of the doctors, new things should not be incorporated into the diet plan. Medical consultations for pregnant women along with breastfeeding mothers are absolutely necessary. As their bodies face hormonal imbalances frequently during that time, added supplements may be harmful to them.

Also, kids should not be given ashwagandha at all, as it can create unwanted problems in their bodies. It can be given to children above 5 years old but that also should be consulted with the doctor first and then only implemented to their routine. Ashwagandha can help to boost their immune system as well by developing antibodies. Himalaya ashwagandha tablets and Himalaya ashwagandha powder can heal the internal immunity system but can leave side effects as well. You must observe keenly after you start these medications whether your body is having any slightest changes or not. Ashwagandha single handedly can not provide any striking effects but with a healthy food diet, you can experience its positive sides more prominently. This ayurvedic medicine can be a boon or bane to your health so use it wisely with medical consultation. 

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