Physical appearance may not be the most important aspect of a person, but it cannot be deemed as something unimportant. How you look may matter in many situations. Height is one such factor that has a huge impact on the physical appearance of the person. While some may be blessed with the perfect height, others strive to gain some by engaging in other helpful means like supplements, exercises etc. 

We live in a world where advertisements play such an important part. Complan is one such product that has been known to all through these ads. It has made people, desperate for a good height, for their children, to consume it. The issue it addresses – small height, is so overwhelming that the product has become famous in just a matter of time. People believed it to be the easiest, cheapest and most accessible solution for the one thing that they desired – a good height. But is it really worth the hype? Is Complan a helpful solution for the perfect height growth? Let’s find out!


A product by Complan Foods Limited, complan power is a well-known, trusted as well as fortified diet nutrition powder that provides the appropriate amount of nutrition to the body. It is a rich source of all the essential nutrients – essential proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins, that one might miss to consume on a daily basis in the form of food. Complan powder helps you in preventing this by becoming an addition to the daily regime in the form of an energy drink i.e. complan + milk.


When it comes to products specifically designed for children, certain added characteristics like ‘flavor’ play an essential role in deciding the fate of the product. The age group concerned is specifically driven by the flavor of the product, which not only helps in the popularity of the product but also increases the sales. 

Complan for kids above 6 years of is available in the following flavors:

  1. Complan Kesar Badam flavour
  2. Complan Pista Badam flavour
  3. Complan Creamy Classic flavour
  4. Complan Royal Chocolate flavour

Complan Nutrigro is a product available for kids between 2-6 years of age. The flavours available are:

  1. Complan Nutrigro Badam Kheer
  2. Complan Nutrigro Delicious Chocolate
  3. Complan Nutrigro Creamy Vanilla

Note : The above-stated flavors are the only authentic flavours sold by Complan. Others besides the given are not produced anymore.


Ingredients in the product decide it’s impact on the health. Complan is made up of 34 vital nutrients. The package of the product enlists the following as the main ingredients in the product:

  1. Milk Solids
  2. Sugar
  3. Beet-red
  4. Peanut Oil
  5. Maltodextrin
  6. Minerals
  7. Caramel
  8. Vitamins
  9. Inositol
  10. Taurine
  11. L-Carnitine
  12. Traces of nuts, wheat and soya
  13. Natural food coloring
  14. Artificial flavours


Complan is known for the benefits it claims to provide. It has been in the lim-light for the results it promises. The product was designed with the purpose to fulfil the need of nutrients in the body when they are not readily available in the type of food that is consumed by children. Some may eat too much junk-food, some may not like eating green vegetables, others may not consume nuts, some may refrain from consuming while some may refrain from eating altogether. The problem gets worse. 

Complan is induced with the goodness of all the essential nutrients that when together consumed with milk compensates for the loss of nutrients in the body due to wrong choice of food. Moreover, the added flavours are just marvelous. However, to specify, following are the benefits of consuming complan protein powder daily:

  1. It provides 2x faster growth.
  2. It also helps in improving height.
  3. It improves the immunity system in the body.
  4. It improves reasoning ability.
  5. It improves math ability.
  6. It ensures balanced nourishment.
  7. It provides 34 vital nutrients for the perfect development of the body.
  8. It is a rich source of antioxidants.
  9. It is rich in vitamin A, E and C.
  10. It is rich in calcium that helps in maintaining the health and strength of the bones.
  11. It improves mental alertness as well as concentration.
  12. It has no added preservatives.
  13. It does not contain artificial food colourings.
  14. It is gluten-free.
  15. It is suitable for vegetarians.
  16. It is enriched with nutrients that help in speedy recovery from illness.
  17. It is specifically designed to provide balanced nourishment.
  18. It helps in reducing fatigue.
  19. It can be helpful in gaining weight in under-weight children.
  20. It helps in improving metabolism.



It might sound strange, but complan has not been scientifically proven to be helpful in increasing height in children. While consumption of Complan has proven beneficial for the overall development in children, there is no proof of it being effective for height growth.

Complan is a rich source of nutrients that may assist in the process of increasing height. This does not make it the only factor responsible for it. It can be a result of other dietary factors. 


One of the many things that parents need to get right is the recipe for complan milk. While dealing with children, a slight change in the taste of the milk can cause troubles. Yes, kids are very peculiar when it comes to the taste of the food.

The best way to get it right is follow the instructions on the label. The perfect way to prepare complan milk is:

  1. Add a full-tablespoon of the child’s favourite complan powder to the mug.
  2. All warm or cold milk depending on what the kid likes.
  3. Stir it till the milk gets creamy.
  4. When preparing cold milk, you can also add a few ice cubes.
  5. Stir again and enjoy.


It is no wonder that product pricing is an important determinant of whether or not people will engage in purchasing the product. It also adds to product popularity, in certain situations, the price of the product can be used to assess its quality. It is a general belief that a good product comes in exchange for a good amount of money. Keeping all these things is essential for the manufacturers. 

Complan is one of the products that is priced very strategically. It is made affordable for almost everybody while also keeping the above mentioned notion in mind. As per the online sources, the price structure for the product is as given below:

  • Complan Royale Chocolate Nutrition Box
    • 200 g – INR 110 TO INR 190
    • 500g –  INR 230 TO INR 300
    • 750g – INR 330 TO INR 380
    • 1kg – INR 480 TO INR 530
  • Complan Kesar Badam Nutrition Box
    • 200 g – INR 170 TO INR 195
    • 500g – INR 270 TO INR 315
  • Complan Pista Badam Nutrition Box
    • 200 g – INR 190 TO INR 200
    • 500g – INR 280 TO INR 315
  • Complan Creamy Classic Nutrition Box
    • 500g – INR 220 TO INR 250
    • 1kg – INR 410 TO INR 460
  • Complan Nutrigro Badam Kheer Box
    • 200gm – INR 280 TO INR 295
  • Complan Nutrigro Delicious Chocolate Box
    • 200gm – INR 280 TO INR 295
  • Complan Nutrigro Creamy Vanilla Box
    • 200gm – INR 280 TO INR 295

Note: The given prices are subject to change. They may vary with the website, availability and discounts. The given data only specifies the average of range between which the MRP of the product is more likely to fall. Please compare the data with authentic websites while purchasing the product.

Inference : The product definitely costs more than food items like fruits and vegetables that have the same amount of vitamins and minerals.


The problem may begin with some ingredient that might prove harmful to health.

  1. The composition suggests nearly 30% of the product is sugar which basically means the product is nothing but a sweetened milk powder. While consuming milk, people tend to add more of it to their diet. Paying a good amount of money for a product containing an ingredient that is not ideal for health can be quite absurd economically as well as from the health point of view.
  2. Inositol and Taurine are artificial supplements that may be beneficial for the body but medical reports suggest that in certain cases, they might increase the chances of bipolar disorder.
  3. Maltodextrin is a food additive obtained from starch. It can be the reason behind the rapid rise in blood sugar levels.
  4. The ingredients present in the product may not prove helpful to those who are hypersensitive to them. Most of the people are allergic to nuts, which can make the consumption of this product problematic for them. It seems that Complan is not a product for all.
  5. Weight gain can be one of the issues especially in children who are less engaged in burning calories.
  6. Tooth decay is a natural problem arising from the consumption of this product with high sugar content.


It is only through the reviews from the existing customers that help us assess the effectiveness of a product. As in the case of Complan, the mixed reviews from the customers have raised a doubt on the claims made by the manufacturers of the product. 

The following were the most famous reviews from the customers:

  1. A majority of the mothers complained that they could observe no changes in the height of their children even after consuming the product for a good amount of time.
  2. Others reported that the product is hyped unnecessarily. The ingredients are as common as water in the sea. It is far more effective to consume those through natural food rather than through suc artificial means.
  3. Some consumers also mentioned stomach ache as a side effect of the product.
  4. Some of the parents reported that the product is only liked for the sweetness and flavor it brings to the monotonous taste of the milk. The popularity has nothing to do with it being effective.
  5. Others appreciated how Complan has made it easier to include milk in the diet of kids who would otherwise not consume it.
  6. The customers have also appreciated the safety of the product when compared to other artificial drinks.
  7. Parents have also appreciated the role of Complan in increasing the weight of undernourished or under-weight children.
  8. The overall rating of the product stands somewhere between 3.5 to 308 on various platforms. 


Including Complan in the daily diet is only a matter of choice. It is essential to understand that while the product is claimed to be beneficial, it does not promise to be the same for all. As far as height is concerned, it is dependent on various factors like genes, hormones, activity level, nutrition, medical condition etc. Complan can only fulfill one of these criterias – nutrition. Addressing one issue and neglecting others will leave you with the best results. Therefore, it is better to work on all the factors that affect the height of a child rather than entirely depending on the consumption of the product.

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