Cadbury Bournvita has been most people’s favorite in their childhood because of that sweet and chocolatey taste. Most kids are not a fan of milk and its natural taste, if you have been one of those kids, you probably know more about drink already. We have all asked for our bournvita milk before school or after playing in the evening and surprisingly, our parents never really stopped our intake of bournvita.

Usually, whatever we find tasty and good, is unhealthy for our body and is restricted by our parents. Then why do our parents let us enjoy the chocolatey drink? The answer is simple, the benefits. Cadbury bournvita claims to be a health drink, it is a supplement of milk and is a product of one of the most trusted and oldest brands. Bournvita has made several changes to its composition to be as healthy as possible for different age groups, so different bournvita has a different bournvita age limit. For example, women’s bournvita can be drunk by women below 40.


Bournvita did begin as a child’s health drink to be their primary market but they did not stop there. They ventured out into other age groups as well.

  • Classic Bournvita – We already know about Bournvita and its classic orange jar so this one does not need much of an introduction. It is considered suitable for most people, not only children.
  • Women’s Bournvita Bournvita decided to up their game as a brand and cater to other sections of people by making a product specifically for them. Bournvita has a product to provide to women under 40 to take care of their bones, which could weaken more than men at their age.
  • Bournvita 5-Star Magic – If you love Cadbury 5-star chocolate then we have some good news for you. Bournvita came up with a drink that tastes like the milk beverage version of a 5-star bar. The richness of caramel and chocolate has been maintained in it.
  • Bournvita Lil’ Champs – This product by Cadbury Bournvita aims at children under the age of 5. Below 5, the kids supposedly need nutrition to grow to their true potential and lay a good foundation for physical and mental growth. With the goodness of DHA, it claims to be good for growth.


Bournvita has a long list of ingredients that together claim to be beneficial for the body and even claims that it would increase a person’s height. Let us have a look at Bournvita ingredients:

  • Malt extracts
  • Cocoa
  • Sugar 
  • Caramel 
  • Solids of milk
  • Glucose
  • Emulsifiers
  • Vitamins (A, C, B9, B2, B12, D)
  • Salt
  • Vanilla flavoring 
  • Carbohydrates 
  • Sodium
  • Potassium 
  • Zinc
  • Iron 


Bournvita’s benefits are several when it comes to impacting your health.

  • Vitamins in Bournvita are essential for your body as they promote red blood cells which are a sign of a healthy body as they are the prime component in blood when it comes to absorbing oxygen and is a carrier of hemoglobin.
  • Bournvita claims to increase your immunity and your stamina so that your body becomes better than before.
  • It fulfills your body’s daily iron needs and in turn, helps with proper oxygen transportation.
  • It makes you energetic.
  • Perfect flow of blood in your body in turn ensures flushing out of toxins and keeping your body healthy. 
  • Bournvita Lil’ Champs has DHA which is said to be beneficial for the growth and development of a kid below the age of 5 years.
  • Children who do not like and drink milk might fulfill their body’s calcium needs by making the child drink it with a chocolatey flavor.


  • It is loaded with sugar. It might boost your energy but in the long run, it could prove to be a poison for your body as excess anything, even if it is sugar, is bad for you.
  • The boost of energy might be temporary and later tiredness may hit your body.
  • Due to the high amount of chocolate and sugar, it could cause cavities in children and it should be no surprise.
  • The specific kind of caramel used in Bournvita (Caramel E 150) is used only for its color and has no health benefits but in turn, has disadvantages on your body like gastro problems in the long run.
  • Glucose added in Bournvita is added sugar and has similar effects on your body.
  • There are ‘emulsifiers’ added in Bournvita and what they are exactly are not specified. Hence, they might be unsafe for your body without you knowing about them. Especially for pregnant ladies or small kids. 
  • Several ingredients stated above could cause hyperactivity in children, headaches, insomnia, and whatnot 


Milk alone has several benefits and along with Bournvita, it adds a few more benefits to the drink as a whole. Vitamins like Vitamin D and minerals like Calcium are not only a part of milk but also, Bournvita. These certain vitamins and minerals help the body reach its maximum potential, be it physically or with innate benefits like an increase in red blood cells. 



Objectively speaking, not much. A jar or packet of Bournvita is light on your pocket and it would not seem like you have to choose between health and finances. The jar or packets come in several sizes for you to buy whichever one suits you.


  • You can have Bournvita with a side dish like a dry cake to relish it along with it or you could use Bournvita milk as a medium to have tasteless medicines that you would not enjoy consuming otherwise.
  • Adding ice for a chilled beverage feel could make the beverage more likable if you prefer cold beverages over hot ones. Otherwise, you can have it in warm milk.
  • It is advisable to store Bournvita in whichever jar or sealed packet you get it in so that the moisture in the air does not interfere with it. Moisture can spoil such milk substitutes in no time by making clumps and chunks. 
  • Do not use a wet spoon to scoop out Bournvita from its packaging as interaction with moisture is not advisable. 
  • Specifying on using a dry spoon and all leads us to mention the importance of storing it in a dry and safe place. By safe, we mean a place where ants, insects, etc. could not easily reach it and contaminate it.
  • Bournvita is a product and before buying any product, especially the ones which need to be consumed, check the package and label for expiry and manufacturing date as you would not prefer buying or investing in a product that would not be good for you due to being expired.
  • Check the jar or package enough before buying. Not only the label but the lid and whether or not it is properly sealed.
  • Do not let your child or yourself consume more than necessary, extra Bournvita could harm you as it has several ingredients which are not all-healthy when we talk about benefits.


Bournvita milk is tasty and many kids love it but it is not as healthy as it claims to be. It might help you to reach your true potential but it would not magically make you grow. It is a myth that a certain drink, a supplement would help you ‘grow.’ Your body does not work like that, height, skin color, etc., are all based on your genes. Your body’s potential to grow in terms of height can be fulfilled but apart from that, it cannot alter your innate genetic wiring. 

Many companies and industries work on the sole lie of ‘we can make it happen.’ No, it cannot work. Yes, health drinks have their own set of benefits like the taste, increasing the oxygen level of the blood, etc. but it is limited to these benefits. Anything cannot change your genetic composition, if your body has the potential to grow till 5 feet 5 inches, you could help it reach 5 feet 5 inches but beyond that would not be possible through intake of any substance.

Bournvita comes in several forms and for several age groups and could be good for you if taken with caution. Over anything is bad and this could be too, as it contains excess sugar and other ingredients that could prove to be harmful for you. If you like chocolate and caramel both, you could try Bournvita 5-star magic. It can definitely give your health some boost and motivate you to consume milk if you hate milk otherwise. But, if you are expecting it to make your height grow, to make you extremely healthy, etc. then you are putting unnecessary hopes in a beverage.

It is meant to consume and enjoy and would not be able to help you out with gene altering things like height and body build. Nonetheless, Cadbury Bournvita has been there in the market for several years now and will continue to be because of multiple benefits it has.

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