The Ayurveda originated from the mystical lands of India. Ayurvedic science allowed us to understand the benefits of fruits and herbs around us. We understood the importance of amla powder made from amla fruit, neem leaves, tulsi leaver, turmeric, etc., and implemented them in our daily routine or diet to avail the benefits it offers.

It is very interesting to know that there are ancient scriptures called the Vedas that are highly respected in the Hindu religion in India. The Vedas can be understood to be a manual that helps in solving and educating the people, helping them solve problems and learn. Typically, there are 4 Vedas namely – RigVeda, SamVeda, Yajur Veda, Atharva Veda covering all the learnings a person could ask for.

So, we now understand the scientific logic behind the Hindu beliefs. One such belief is Ayurveda which has been in practice for thousands of years and has been able to prove its effectiveness to the World. People from all across the globe come to India to get treated with ayurvedic practices as it is effective, natural, and affordable too. So, now let us know about one Ayurvedic remedy – amla powder and explore its benefits.

Hearing about the wonders of Ayurveda helps in increasing the height as well. Getting an ideal height has been more troublesome in girls than boys, as seen nowadays. However, exceptions are always there. Ayurvedic ingredients like amla powder, ashwagandha, guduchi, and shatavari help in increasing our height. (hi, harshita I have added these ingredients like guduchi and all so that we can put links of other blogs prepared for those ingredients as backlinks!) Generally, the height stops increasing gradually with the onset of periods in girls and by the age of 18 in boys. However, ayurvedic remedies help in increasing the height even when we are stuck in our 20s. Let us know how amla powder helps to increase height.


The Indian gooseberry popularly known as amla has various other names like malacca tree or Amalaki – is known in Sanskrit. Amla grows on medium-sized trees with long leafy branches which are very different from other trees. The branches stem out of the plant as if they are leaves and have small leaves on them. The trees are different from the others as they do not form a bush-like structure.

The leaves are pretty uniform and it is a delight to just play with them. However, the amla is the fruit of the tree and is found in spherical shapes of light green colour. Normally, the amla is very bitter and sour to taste due to the presence of Vitamin C. It is said that one amla is equivalent to 20 oranges on the basis of the vitamin C it has. 

The amla is very flexible in its consumption. Some people use amla powder instead of amla fruit due to its easy availability and extended longevity. In many Indian households, amla is turned into amla murabba for better taste and long life. The amla murabba is basically sweet in taste, which generally balances the bitterness of amla and is highly liked by people. It can be consumed after dinner or as a daytime snack to munch on.


There are numerous benefits of amla and we will discuss each one of them in detail. As we know, amla has been used as a notable Ayurvedic ingredient for thousands of years. It is difficult to trace down the discovery of amla or amla powder benefits for health because it has been carried forward for a long time. 

All parts of the amla tree are considered to be beneficial. The barks, seeds, leaves, roots, and the fruit, that is, amla itself are rich in nutrients having medicinal benefits. The amla is not only used as fruits but it is often dried up and made into amla powder for easy consumption, mobile storage, and can be used much longer than the fruit. 

So, let us know the amla powder benefits which are the same as amla fruit as they are just the same with different structures. The benefits are:

  • One of the benefits of amla powder is helping in increasing height which is very helpful for many people, especially those stuck with an average height in their 20s. The high content of Vitamin C in the powder helps in aiding with the height growth when taken regularly to avail visible results. The rich nutrients of the powder help in strengthening the body and helps in increasing our height even when we are in our 20s.
  • The amla powder is alkaline in nature or we can also say basic in nature. The alkaline nature helps in the promotion of good bacteria in the body, especially in the intestines, leading to their better functioning and strengthening. This helps with better absorption of food resulting in healthy digestion. So, amla powder helps in strengthening and improving the digestive system.
  • The fiber-rich amla powder helps in providing the body with adequate amounts of nutrients that are generally ignored. Fibers help in keeping the body sugar levels in check and controlling hunger. It is also considered to be beneficial in preventing constipation. It has been found that constipated patients generally have low fiber intake. Thus, amla powder benefits in providing correct amounts of fiber to the body and prevents constipation.
  • Amla powder has a high content of Vitamin C, a nutrient that is considered best to boost immunity. Vitamin C present in the amla powder helps in strengthening the immune system which then helps in fighting foreign pathogens like bacteria and viruses. Recently, we have faced a worldwide pandemic due to a destructive virus. The variants of the virus do not seem to be stopping any time soon. The Covid-19 disease has efficiently paved its path through 2021 and we do not know when the disease will become harmless. However, during this period, doctors highly advised and recommended the consumption of increased amounts of Vitamin C in the body.
  • The amla powder plays a beneficial role in relieving respiratory illness. The nutrients present in the amla powder helps in fighting troublesome bacterias in the body. It helps in relieving the common cold and aids in removing the congestion caused due to sputum in the respiratory tract. The congestion caused by sputum often triggers asthma attacks and affects bronchitis in the lungs. Amla powder helps in stopping the congestion and benefits the lungs, the respiratory tract, and makes sure that we stay strong from within.
  • To all the ladies out here, amla has been proven to be a beneficial ingredient to solve hair problems. The nutritional properties of amla powder helps in solving dandruff problems, prevent hair fall, and stimulates hair growth helping to cover the bald patches and reducing balding.
  • Amla powder is beneficial in increasing our eyesight as well. The carotene present in the powder is responsible for increasing eyesight.

Amla is one such fruit that has 5 out of 6 tastes in it, leaving out the salty taste. When we consume amla as fruit or powder we experience sour, pungent, astringent, sweet, and bitter taste, a quality that is rarely found. It is one such Ayurvedic food whose consumption balances all the three doshas in the body. These qualities make amla unique and increase its effectiveness. 

Amla powder benefits our body from head to toe. It is a complete package in itself benefitting all the body parts and functioning.



Amla powder uses have already been discussed above when we got to know the numerous benefits that the powder has to offer. However, the constant dilemma is regarding how to use amla powder

So, now we will learn how to use amla powder that will help achieve the maximum benefits of the amla powder.

  • Consuming 1 teaspoon of amla powder with warm water will help in increasing the height when taken regularly for a minimum of 45 days to see results. We can also consume the amla powder with honey to reduce the bitterness and get added benefits of honey.
  • We can also mix amla powder with ginger powder, lime juice, and honey to balance the flavours and get added benefits of all the ingredients.
  • The amla powder can be mixed with any fresh fruit juice like orange juice, grape juice, pomegranate juice, or lime juice for breakfast.
  • The powdered form of amla makes it very easy to use. We can sprinkle some amla powder on fruit salad with fruits like papaya, banana, or apple or a normal salad that we eat. 
  • The powder can be added to some mid-day snacks to incorporate some tangy and sour flavour to the snack.  

These are some ways in which we can use amla powder daily.


These 4 Vedas consist of various Hindu rituals, traditions, and procedures mentioned with beautiful meanings behind every little thing it talks about. We are familiar with the different jewellery, and cosmetics that are said to be compulsory and auspicious for a married woman. To make our point, the sindoor, which is considered to be the most important makeup a married woman can wear after marriage, helps in activating the chakras present in the forehead which leads to the flow of positive energy. It also increases the power of concentration.

Talking about rituals and traditions, Navratri meaning nine nights is considered to be a very auspicious time for the worshippers. The nine days are dedicated to Maa Durga and women often fast for these nine days, consuming only light and nutritious food like nuts, fruits, and lots of water. The Navratri festival takes place twice a year between (i) March and April and (ii) September and October, a time where we face weather changes. The nine days break from wavy food helps in better regulation and detoxification of the body. Also, during the changing weather time, our body has low immunity and is prone to catch diseases. This is why this nine days break from food helps in better consumption of nutritious food we eat in our diet.

The word dissection meaning of Ayurveda is science or knowledge of life. So, we understand the derivation and birth of Ayurveda are from the Vedas, the ancient texts, and have scientific justifications for all its remedies.


Having a good body means having a good posture, good skin, and good features that give us an edge in front of others. Not meaning to be discriminating but when we have a short height and we walk into a room full of people of good height, our confidence drops. It does not matter if we are the most intellectual out there but the first impression of sight is where we tend to lack and fall back.So, why suffer when we can do something about our height and strike off one shortcoming that affects our self-confidence. Ayurveda has helped us discover the wonders hidden in nature and allows us to gain benefits without any side effects. Amla powder is one such example. Don’t forget to include amla powder in the diet and overcome the shortcoming of short height from your resume!

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